Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year...from our family to yours! my last few posts have been pretty heavy. I promise to keep things a little bit lighter (for at least a little while). This post won't have much, if anything to do with adoption (except maybe a little update right at the end), but I thought it would be fun for us to share our "furbabies" with you all....all 5 of them!

So here goes!

First is our Westie Grommit. He is Z's little white puppy, but he loves to cuddle with me, too. He is incredibly perceptive and expressive - letting us know exactly how he feels. He even likes to tell us when its bed time!

Next is Oliver (Ollie). This is my puppy. He and Grommit are best buds and won't do anything without the other. They are constantly playing and/or fighting over something. Like brothers who have to share a room and all their toys. Oh...and he snores...loudly. He's doing it right now...

Now to the kitties...First there is Mojo. My little Mojo. He was adopted from our local animal shelter (as were all of our cats) and he wasn't in the best shape when I found him. But, I felt so bad for the little guy. And now he is my best bud! He loves to cuddle with me and will often decide that when I'm in the middle of trying to work on my thesis at my computer is the best time to cuddle. Onto my lap and cuddled-in tight he goes. Of course, it doesn't always make it easy to type that way....He could kind of care less if Z is around to take care of him....and he'll wander around the house meowing if he can't find me.

Next is Crickette. She is without a doubt Z's cat. She LOVES him, and she could mostly care less about me (unless of course Z is gone, then she wanders around "talking" to me and telling me that Z is gone). She is by far the cat that is most friendly toward the dogs and we think she sometimes thinks she IS a dog.

Last, but definitely not least, is Paka. She was my first cat when I lived in an apartment by myself when I started graduate school. So she was queen of the castle then, and she is most definitely queen of the castle now. Both dogs are very aware that she is on top, and she'll remind them when they forget. I don't know what she does...but both dogs know not to bother her! Despite the fact that she is not the most photogenic cat, she is definitely our silliest cat. She will hide around corners and pounce when you walk by, she will spend hours hiding and playing with Mojo, she chases her tail on a regular basis, and she has some really funny obsessive-compulsive habits. In the winter, you can usually find her sitting right on top of the floor heating vents, greedily soaking up the heat.

So...there are ALL of our furbabies! Aren't they cute! Z jokingly said one day that we should have as many kids as we do pets so that we can assign a pet to each child. Uh oh...we're 5 kids behind!

Now for a pretty small adoption update....We finally filled out the final bits of the adoption application to AAI and put together some of the paperwork we needed. It is now signed, dated, and sealed in an envelope ready to go. Now we just need to wait until Wednesday when the post office opens back up to send it! We're officially getting started! Of will be a little while before the next step begins, I suppose.

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