Sunday, January 14, 2007


Its been a little while since I updated on the adoption process. Since we are still at the very beginning there isn't a whole lot to update. We sent in our application to AAI on January 3rd and got a package from them this last Friday with a DVD in it. Then we got another package with a bunch of paperwork (including a contract) on Saturday (yesterday). I am getting the feeling that things might be able to move a little quicker than we originally thought! This is probably because we are requesting "older children" and not infants. This is really exciting, because it means we *might* be able to move our original timeline up just a bit. Either way, we are still at the beginning now, so we'll see how it goes.

The package we got on Friday included a DVD of waiting children in our agency's orphanage. There are so many adorable children just waiting for families. It is far too early in our journey to be able to "pick" our children from a waiting children list, as most of these kids will have been spoken for by the time we are ready to accept a referral, but it is still really interesting to see some of the kids, see where they live, get a feel for what the orphanage is like, and for what the kids are like. You can tell in watching the video that many of these kids are so excited to get a new family. They sit in front of the camera while the agency representative says a little bit about their history. They smile, they look their best, and they answer questions quickly when they are asked. How cute!

Today we spent some time filling out the paperwork AAI sent us to get our process started. We also filled out the application for the homestudy agency we have chosen to use. Once our application and adoption self-study are done for the homestudy agency, we can officially get started on the homestudy. Once the homestudy is done, we can go "full speed ahead" on the paperwork for AAI and the Ethiopian government. One step at a time.

We are FINALLY getting our first taste of winter here in Ames, IA this weekend. We have had so little snow so far this year. There has been talk that we might see 5-7 inches by tomorrow morning, so that is very exciting. I am not so fond of having to drive on the snowy and icy roads, but I do love the snow. There is something magical about everything being covered by a clean, white blanket. Of course, in IA the clean and white parts don't last all that long. It seems like it doesn't take long at all before it turns into a dirty and gray mess. But, I have to admit it just doesn't seem like winter without the snow.

On a final note....Grommit decided to sleep on my head last night. He likes to sleep on my pillow, and I usually don't mind, but sleeping ON my head is a bit much. I think when we move to our new house (whenever we do that) we are going to have to keep the dogs off the bed. We'll have to make them their own bed. We might even have to make a "humans only" rule for our bed in the future!

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