Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Still 20-Something....

Today is my 29th Birthday! Normally birthdays are relatively exciting days, but this year, not so much. Not because my birthday isn't exciting, but because the actual day of my birthday (today) is just too darn busy to do anything birthday-related. So, maybe Z and I will have to have a birthday dinner or celebration sometime during this upcoming weekend.

As far as today goes - its just a normal Tuesday for me. I'm running gels in the lab, so that means I am in the lab by 7:30am and will get out of here around 6:00pm. Z works tonight, so I think I am going to get some Chinese food on my way home and spend the evening doing a little relaxing. Maybe I'll catch up on reading some blogs I've been following...maybe I'll design a quilt or two (I'm nesting and have TONS of fabric I need to use, so designing a quilt would be productive. Although I probably won't have time to actually make a quilt for a while.) Or maybe I'll watch a little TV (or some combination of all of the above). I know...I'm terribly exciting!

I would consider calling a friend to go out, but I'm just kind of tired and want to go home. Z has been sick the last couple of days and as a result we're both just tired (I think he might be sharing his virus a bit - yuck!) So, a night in with Chinese food sounds pretty good right now! Besides, over time I have come to really appreciate those few hours I get to spend at the house all by myself. Its kind of nice to get some "alone time" once in a while (even if it is on my birthday).

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