Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random Observation most of you will not ever be on the campus of Iowa State University and may not find this that interesting. But, the other day I walked into the first floor women's bathroom in Bessey Hall and found something new and unexpected. A Lactation Station! Who knew?!?! For those of your who don't know what a lactation station is, it is a private place where breastfeeding moms can breastfeed their babies (or pump breastmilk for later use). I had no idea that there was a movement on campus to make these lactation stations available to breastfeeding moms. And, I don't know how many of them there are on campus. But, I am so glad they exist. I am so glad that ISU has made a place for them. I'm so glad that ISU recognizes the needs of moms with babies and has made a comfortable place for them. The lactation station in Bessey Hall is in a little loungy corner of the main floor women's bathroom, it has a curtain you can close, a coffee table, a sofa (a circa 1970's sofa, but a sofa nonetheless), and there are pamphlets available for those who are curious about what a lactation station is all about.

If you are a student or staff member at another university, check to see if you have lactation stations. If not...maybe you can break some ground and get some set up. If you are at ISU, check your building - maybe you have one close by. And if not, come on over to Bessey Hall - the station is waiting!

Good for you, ISU!

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