Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Updates

I haven't posted in a while and figured that I better get something up before people give up on reading my blog!

There is not a ton to report, I have to admit....The program coordinator for our agency's new Ghana program is in Ghana right now taking care of things, getting things set up, and learning a lot about the Ghana program so that she can tell the anxious pilot families all about what we can expect. She has been giving us updates when she can from Ghana and it sounds like she is being very productive! They found the house for the new agency orphanage, they have hired Ghanaians to work at the house, they are planning to provide schooling to the younger kids on site so they don't have to walk a long distance to go to school, and they are even hoping to make one of the rooms in the house a guest room for visitors! I am so excited about the future of this program and I know that the right people are working to make it a very good program. I am hoping that I will have a lot more updates to share with you in a couple weeks when the program coordinator gets back home from her trip!

Z has been at his new job for a couple of weeks now and is loving it! I think that he will be very happy there. Lately, he has even been getting up before me in the morning! And, the part that I love the most? He is home in the evenings with me now! My schedule is flexible, but I usually work the typical 8 or 9 to 5....Z used to work in the evenings, so I wouldn't see him at all until after 10pm. But, now he works from 8-4, so I get to see him in the evenings! Once I'm done with my thesis, I don't know what we'll do with all that time together! Its going to be great!

We have been doing some yard saling lately, trying to pick up some odds and ends that we know we will need for our future kiddos. This summer yard sale season will be the best opportunity for us to pick things up cheaply to help our dollars stretch as far as we can make them. We've been picking up clothing mostly so far...but we're definitely keeping our eyes open for a set of bunk beds. For those of you who are currently parents of (or have parented) toddlers, what are some "must have" things for us to keep our eyes open for?


Chuck and Jenny said...

I'm trying to put 2 and 2 together. I read another blog about Ghanian your coordinator's name Anita?? Just wondering.

Oh, and I have no idea what kind of stuff to watch for to pick up for toddlers. My baby supplies will fit into a pack and play right now!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting! I can't imagine how difficult it would be to set up a new adoption program in an African country as devastatingly poor as Ghana. Keep us posted!


Sarah Riedel said...

Well, I find games, books, art supplies, bath toys, regular toys, outdoor equipment, and videos 'must-haves', but some may not think they are. They certaintly don't need to be there BEFORE you get your kids, but at some point they are nice.