Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday Rumblings and Grumblings

Ok....those of you who know me well and are paying attention to the calendar know that this weekend was NOT for fooling around. No playing, no wasting time, no mess-ups. The thesis work that has consumed the better part of way too long is coming to an end. Later this week, the end will be met with either great celebration, or great Ben and Jerry's driven gloom and doom. This weekend I have to do an immense amount of work to get ready for the closing of this chapter of my life - no time to play around.

But, apparently, the gremlins that live in my kitchen had a different idea...

After getting up this morning and being not as productive as I wanted to be, I decided to go in the kitchen around noon to find something for lunch. Mac 'n' Cheese? Sure, its quick, its easy - I can do that.

Z and I moved into this apartment almost 3 years ago (my parents and I moved us in - Z was in Iraq at the time). During those 3 years, I have never had the problem I had today. You know that drawer under the oven on your stove? The one your mom told you never to put your pots and pans in? Yeah....that one. Well, in a move of complete independence (and perhaps stupidity) I put my pots and pans in said drawer. Our place has limited cupboard space in the kitchen and our lovely friends and family graced us with fantastic kitchen gifts for our wedding. So, what's a girl to do? Put the pots and pans in the drawer under the oven.

Today, when I reached down to pull the drawer open it wouldn't budge. One inch - that's all the further it would open - I measured it. ONE INCH! Ok...I know something is stuck on that little ledge inside the drawer, but I can't see what it is and I can't reach in to move it out of the way. I shake the drawer, I pull on the drawer, I talk nicely to the drawer, I swear at the drawer. IT DOES NOT BUDGE! I try sticking utensils in the drawer to push the problem pot out of the way, I push things around with the yard stick, I sit down on the kitchen floor and cry out of frustration. On a normal weekend I would just walk away and tell Z to try to fix it. Then, after he tries to fix it and doesn't fix it fast enough, or my way, I would come back in and take over. But, this weekend, Z is gone so I'm on my own.

And this weekend is not for messing around.

I check to see if there is any way to take to door off of said drawer. There is...but the screws are INSIDE the drawer. So, I brace myself for major pushing and pulling and mangling to get the door open just enough to access the screws. I put my feet on the oven door and pull like crazy on the drawer - it budges - another INCH. Two inches - this is what I have to work with. Not enough to get anything out of the drawer, and BARELY enough to get just my hand inside the drawer.

Then I notice these are not just regular screws - they are the hexagon kind of screw. I run around the place looking for Z's tool case that MIGHT have hexagon heads for the screw driver. I finally find some and go through a couple to find the right size. After some major twisting and pulling and pushing of things around inside the drawer, I manage to get the screws out and the door off of the drawer. I pull everything out except for the problem pot, which needed a fair amount of pushing and pulling to un-stick it from the ledge.

Everything is out, I'm frustrated, I've got to put the door back on and then the doorbell rings. Ugh...It almost broke my heart to send Barack Obama away from the house so I could get back to fixing things. I thought about inviting him in to help me, but I thought better of it (you know, because I was supposed to just be working at home all day and was sans bra). Alright, it wasn't ACTUALLY Barack Obama, but it was a nice young man campaigning for him dropping information off for Z. But, I could have seen Barack Obama today - I live in Iowa afterall and the candidates are always here campaigning - watch the news people!

Alright, I send the campaigner away and get back to work. Things are MUCH easier to put back on then they were to take off. Everything in my kitchen is now back to normal. But, I still have marks on my forearms from trying to manipulate my way into the drawer. I'm tired and dirty from sitting on the floor and messing with this stuff, so I go take a shower. Now I'm sitting at my computer typing this.

This weekend is not for messing around!

Ok...So I guess the reason I'm typing all of this is to tell you that if you don't hear from me for a few days its because I'm busy trying to get everything done for later this week. I will likely not be reading my favorite blogs, or writing on my own, or spending as much time online as I would like to. For those of you who who also keep blogs, I am expecting excellent blog posts later this week so that I can read them in pleasure when all my work is done. I'm counting on you people!

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Rae said...

Oh my goodness! What an ordeal! Maybe I should think about taking my pots and pans out of that drawer...!