Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Complete Shamble....

My house is a complete MESS today! Z and I decided this was the weekend that we needed to re-arrange the house so that the boys will actually have a room. We have a second bedroom, which we've been using as an office for the entire time we've lived here, and we have a second "living room" in the basement. So, we decided to do away with the second TV room and make that the office (thereby making the current office the boys' room). We were planning to wait a while to do this, but I've been collecting "stuff" for the boys lately and we have no where to put it all. To top that off, we found a fabulous deal on a set of bunk beds and decided we couldn't pass it up. All this means that we have to make room for all of this "stuff" for the boys.

I am so excited that the boys will now have a room in our house that is designated for them. It means that I get to start setting up the room for them, washing all the clothes I've bought for them and really start imagining the boys living here with us. Before this weekend it was all just about imagining that the boys will someday live in the office, but the thought of moving the entire office down to the basement and emptying out the basement for the office was too much to bear. Now, we are mostly done with the big move. We got rid of a couple of love seats (that were hand-me-down anyway), and we'll have to buy another set of shelves for storage in the basement, but its all do-able now. The end of the BIG MOVE is in sight.

I think I'll sleep well tonight....and I'm so glad that blogs don't have smell-a-vision, because I don't think anyone would want to get near me right now!

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