Thursday, July 26, 2007

The REALNESS of it all...

So, I just realized how long its been since I posted. Yeah...I know...I gotta do better than that.

As far as adoption stuff goes, this has been an eventful month. Our adoption process is a bit out of order due to the fact that we are working with a brand-new program and we already knew who our kids would be before we actually got started on some of the dossier paperwork that needed to go to Ghana. We switched programs shortly after starting our Ethiopian dossier, so we had to wait a while before we could really get started and then when we did get started we had to re-do a couple of things from the Ethiopian dossier. the dossier is done and on its way to Ghana as I type this...we have the boys' placement agreement papers sitting on our kitchen table waiting to be signed (they arrived just as I was about to leave town for a few days)...the Welcome Bags are completed and on their way to Ghana...and within a matter of days the boys will know about us. They will know who we are...they will see pictures of us...and they will be given the gifts that we sent to them in their Welcome Bags.

NOW it feels REAL. Its heavy stuff; its exciting; its scary; its thrilling; its overwhelming. In a matter of months, Z and I will be parents; we'll be responsible for two little boys. Perhaps this sudden realization and inability to form actual sentences and have lengthy conversations is a reason why I haven't blogged in a while. I don't know. The fact that we will be first-time parents to two pre-school aged boys is a bit overwhelming at times. And yet...I KNOW that we can do it. I know that we will be fine. It won't be easy I'm sure, but we'll be fine. We'll find our way to a new normal with two boys and then life will feel as though they've always been here.

Another mom from the group of pilot families in the program is on her way to (or perhaps has just arrived in) Ghana. She and some friends collected hundreds of pounds of donations and thousands of dollars for the Enedaso (Hope) Home in Accra, Ghana. Now the orphanage will have enough money to buy a much-needed generator and to buy bunkbeds for the kids (they have up until now been sleeping on mattresses on the floor). I am so thankful for her leadership in forming a work trip and for taking the initiative to motivate her friends, family, and neighborhood to help with this cause. The kids are going to get new clothes, medical supplies, toys, and educational materials as a result. And...this mom is hand-carrying our dossiers and Welcome Bags to Ghana. Because of her trip, the kids will learn this week that they have families waiting for them. They will get gifts and photo albums with pictures of their new families. They will see pictures of their mom's and dad's faces; they will learn whether or not they will have brothers and sisters; they will learn about whether or not they will have family pets; they will learn about where they will live in the United States. And this mom will be there to witness it. She's offered to take pictures and tell us about it when she gets back. She's offered to measure the kids so we know what size clothing to expect they'll be wearing when we bring them home. And she's offered to pass on lots of hugs and kisses, too. We can't be there ourselves, but I am so glad that she can be there. I cannot wait to hear more about her trip, to see some pictures, and to learn about the boys' reaction to learning that we are their parents.

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