Monday, July 9, 2007

Welcome Bags

Our agency allows us to send Welcome Bags to our children after we have accepted the referral. Welcome Bags include almost anything that will fit into a gallon-sized ziplock bag and they should include things like a t-shirt, photo album of your family with pets, homes, etc., and letter (for older children - or a letter to the nannies for younger children).

Z and I spent some time this weekend doing a bit of shopping for the Welcome Bag items and then spent some time on Snapfish putting together photo albums for the boys that will be printed and sent to us. We decided to go with these photo albums because it is easy to add captions and labels to the photos, and because the photos are printed right into the "book" there is much less chance that photos would get lost. We made one photo album for each boy (one with a red cover, one with a blue cover) and we put the boys' photos right on the front of the book so that they will know which album belongs to which boy. We decided to make both albums pretty much identical other than that so that they will know for sure that they are going to the SAME place. We didn't want to confuse them by putting different pictures into each album. And, because it looks likely that they won't get home until mid-winter, we also decided to put a couple of snow pictures into the album so that if there is snow on the ground when they get here it won't be a complete shock!

We also bought the boys t-shirts for their Welcome Bags. We decided that since we are both alum of Iowa State University, Cyclone t-shirts were the perfect fit. And, I think we did pretty well with finding good t-shirts for the occasion.

And a close-up picture, just for fun!


Stacie said...

Cute stuff - they are going to love it!

Sarah Riedel said...

Great Idea! You guys have spent a lot of time thinking about this, and wow, it looks great! If you ever want updated pictures of their cousins to send, just ask!

Sarah Riedel said...

If there comes a time when we could send something, please let me know.

Jennine said...

Yea! How exciting! They are going to love them! It must have been so fun to decide what to put in there. The shirts are perfect!


Anonymous said...

These are great. I can't wait to feel productive again and be able to put these sorts of things together. Nice work!


tater said...

Congrats iowigians~I finally was able to update myself with your blog. The boys are soooo adorable. I cannot wait to meet them. I just checked the temp in Ghana on the Wii and it looks so nice and not humid! I wish I was there right now. Congrats again!!! I am so excited for more nephews:)