Sunday, October 28, 2007


I haven't been updating the blog as regularly lately as I had originally intended. Sorry to all of you who are looking for updates from me! Over the past few weeks I've been feeling a little weary of the wait for good news from Ghana. We've had predictions of a court date....court date cancellations....two judges who were supposed to hear our case go on leave with little or no notice....and then a wait for another family to "test the water" with a new judge. The good news is the other family's case passed easily and we are next! We do not yet know when our court date will be, but we are hopeful that it will be soon. And because things went so well for the other family, we are hopeful that our case will have the same favorable outcome. Since we have had judges that went on leave resulting in court cancellations, I am sure that until we hear that our case was heard and that we passed, I will likely be a bit of a nutcase! ;)

I've been trying lately to distract myself from the lack of news from Ghana by getting absorbed in some good books. This time of year is my very favorite time of year. Its fall, the leaves are turning (or turned and fallen off in some cases), the weather is cooler, the air is crisper, and coffee shops now sell pumpkin flavored coffee drinks (yum!). Another reason I love this time of year is because for some reason I LOVE to watch Halloween specials on TV (ones geared for kids - not the really creepy, scary kind), and I love to read books with fantastical/mystical themes (faeries, vampires, etc). Over the past couple of weeks I discovered The Twilight Series of books and gobbled all three books right up in 5 days. I've slowed down a bit since then, but now I am almost finished with The Spiderwick Chronicles.

This weekend we moved up into the world of people who now drive minivans. Yep, that's right, we bought a minivan (mind you, its a sensible pre-owned flex-fuel minivan)! Now we officially have room in our vehicle for two kids and two dogs (and all of our luggage for when we go visit the grandparents). When Z brought it home, we took it out for a quick drive and let the dogs go for a ride. Ollie was afraid of it to begin with, but they both warmed up pretty quickly.

Z and I both have a pretty busy week ahead of us (actually we have a busy 2-3 week stretch and then we'll soon move into that busy holiday season - yikes!)...but, I will be certain to post when we have news from Ghana!


Megan said...

We will be praying that you are surprised by great news regarding your case!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that there isn't much good news for you on the Ghana homefront. I know another family in a similar boat and it's very frustrating for them too.

A good book I just finished was called "Comeback"....