Friday, November 2, 2007

God Is Great

We were not the only family to pass court today (scroll down if you haven't read that post yet). Renee and her family have been waiting just as long as we have, but they've had even more delays along the way. Earlier this week they received hopeful news that they were headed to court on Friday, but found out last night that they were delayed again. Little did they know, God had a plan and was getting it all worked out behind the scenes. This morning they received the good news that they passed court, too!

Their two boys and our two boys are very close and it absolutely warms my heart that they all officially entered their new families on the same day!

The Happy Dance continues!

Stop by Steppin' Heavenward to give a big congrats to Renee and family - they have a lot to celebrate today! Today is a glorious day in our two households!


Megan said...


We in the Olson household are so excited for you and your boys!!!!! We can't wait to hear what your next step is! Congratulations again!

Chuck and Jenny said...

Yay! Congratulations Chandra! I saw on Anita's blog where she said 2 families passed, and I was hoping it was you and Renee. Yay! They're yours, they're yours, they're yours!

Stacie said...

YAY!!! Micah and I will do a happy dance here for you guys! SO happy to hear this news!