Tuesday, December 25, 2007

He's in Ghana!

Here is a portion from Z's email to me today (I edited out all the mushy bits...and I edited the boys' names for privacy). The picture at the top of the email is the first (and so far only) picture that Z has sent to me. I am a botanist, so I imagine that is the reason why he chose to send me the quintessential African photo of growing plantains as his first picture...I'm still waiting for photos of the boys!

Z's email:
Well, I made it here alright. I hope you're having a good Christmas. It is definately a more up-beat holiday here. I got here last night at about 11:00pm, which my plane came in late and it was a bit of a fiasco finding the purple luggage. Everything was located alright though and I got to meet Edward and his asssisstant Percy who drove me back to the guest house. The traffic isn't horrible but I had to hold tight a few times. It was pretty fun though because the holiday is celebrated with all night parties on the street and fireworks so there was plenty to watch on the ride.

I then got here and met the other Percy (the adoption related one) and got settled into the guest house. Hooray, there are modern toilets here and they had toilet paper in stock! There was a lot of music last night when I got here and since I slept on the plane, I went outside and talked with one of the guys (Edwin) who works at the guest house. He showed me around, and I went in the church across the street and got some pictures of the celebration (which I think is still going on now). I got up this morning and had breakfast (bread and eggs with NesCafe) at the orphanage.

This morning, I went to the orphanage and met Muna. She had the boys come and visit with me in the office. They were quiet, and E was quick to give a hug. He is definately going to need some structure to help with the attachment and he was quite wild. Although T has said very little (nothing yet actually) he has been very kind and has helped keep E in-line. This is a comfort because it makes me think I'll only really have to keep an eye on one kid for most of the trip becuase T is able to help. Still, they were very kind, but wild and running all over the place.

The orphanage is a wild place! Muna said that she was going to have a Christmas party at one so I'm going over there in a bit to help out with that. I told Muna that I'd be happy to help around the orphange (meaning help cook, clean, etc.) and she seemed surprised but happy about that. It is literally a block down the road so it's no problem and I think for my sanity and the boys' comfort in getting to know me I'll go for short, couple hour periods throughout the day until they grow past the initial phase (being E's over-affection and wildness (which Muna said was not his usual self) and T's quietnesss.)

I'm pretty comfortable, it is 90 and humid all day and night, every day so I'm enjoying my fan but it's not too hot to be comfortable.

Muna is showing me around town a little. She is going to show me where to get a phone, and showed me where to get bottled water and use the internet, again it is a block away.

The goat was delicious for lunch, mmm, and I imagine I'll pay for such a big meal later! They are very excited to feed me phu phu for dinner.

Anyhow, the kids are all excited, and I got great pictures/video of them dancing. E of course was hanging off of me too much to dance but he was pretty tired after eating so he was calmer.

This place never sleeps, I'm going to be so deaf after being here. I just got to the internet cafe and it is blasting music but they had cold water next door! They also helped me get my computer up and downloaded drivers to their phone so my computer would connect to the internet alright. Kindest people in Africa!

Africa is LOUD! It's like having a radio on all day. The church is rocking and their are fireworks, although fewer than last night, all the time... everyone is pretty friendly and once I find bottled water near-by to replace the few liters I got last night, I'll be set. Z.S.


Renee said...


Oh, I am so happy for Y'all! I just cried a river reading your post.

I had to LOL, about the plant picture..VERY SWEET!

Love and Prayers!

Leslie said...

That is fantastic! I am praying for them and for you!

Jim & Laurel said...

Praying ... Praying ... that paperwork will go quickly and smoothly and that Z will be able to bring the boys home very soon.

Christmas Blessings,

Laurel :)

Kelly said...

Glad things are going well :)
I lol when I read about Muna's reaction to his offer of help with dishes :) She definitely was suprised and it isn't likely that he will get near the kitchen.
Ryan was always trying to help out a Beacon House and the ladies were horrified and even embarassed for him -That is ladies' work!