Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alternate Universe

This morning the resident daddy was in charge of taking care of the boys while the resident mommy took an extra long shower, got dressed and got ready to head into her office to work a bit. When I got out of the shower, I could hear the boys singing...

Hola, Hola
Hello, Hello

Yes...the two little Ghanaian boys were singing in Spanish and English. Weird, I know.

It turns out that at Eban House in Ghana one of the most popular DVDs to play is Dora the Explorer. When Z discovered this, he decided that we should get a Dora DVD so the boys would have something really familiar to watch. This morning they were watching Dora and singing along as I got dressed.

It still amazes me how smart and adaptable these two little boys are. When they came to the orphanage, they spoke Ga. But, at Eban House they started learning English and Twi (some of the caretakers speak Twi). Along the way they started picking up some Spanish from little miss Dora. No wonder we sometimes can't quite figure out what they are saying! I am sad that they are likely going to lose the Ga and the Twi that they know....but on a daily basis I am reminded of how quickly they are adding new English words to their vocabulary.

When I left for my office this morning and I said goodbye to the boys, Peanut said "when you come back, bring me food". Ok...we just had breakfast, but I guess when you're a little boy, you're always hungry and looking for more food. Then he changed his mind and said "Mama, buy me new car". Then he changed his mind again "Mama, bring me new car AND food".

As I was walking out the door, he ran up to me and said "Mama come back?"

Yes, little man, Mama come back.

Off he runs to play with his cars.


Sarah Riedel said...

You never cease to amaze me. You make me cry just about every time I read your blogs. You find the stuff that others think is everyday and really dig in and think it over. I like that about you. Tomorrow will be 1 week of active parenthood for you guys! Sarah

Megan said...

Wow...I'm in tears! It is amazing how much we take for granted...