Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The boys have been home for two and a half days....Here's what I've learned so far:

1. Little Ghanaian boys LOVE eggs and bread. We've gone through 1 loaf of bread and a dozen eggs already.

2. It is apparently a universal experience that all little boys will use any building material (blocks, legos, play dough, etc.) to make a gun and use it to "shoot" each other or one of the dogs innocently walking by.

3. Oranges are good motivation for getting little boys to eat more of the actual meal.

4. Little Ghanaian boys LOVE to take baths and pretend to be fish. They also love to splash, throw tub toys, and slide around on their butts in the bathtub until the water splashes right out of the tub onto the floor.

5. Peanut tries really hard to eat things he doesn't like, because he thinks he HAS to eat it. He puts it in his mouth, bites down, and stops....then big tears come rolling silently down his cheeks. His mama doesn't make him eat all the yucky stuff, though.

6. Jellybean only likes the cream part of the Oreo cookie.

7. Jellybean likes raisins, but not peanuts.

8. Peanut likes peanuts, but not raisins.

9. Neither one of them likes cheese.

10. They don't like tortilla chips either.

11. But they do like chili with rice, and red beans and rice, eggs and toast, and peanut butter sandwiches.

12. It can get pretty tiring to say "remember we have to share", "say please", "say thank you", and "mama will help you" a hundred times a day.

13. It is also tiring to hear "Mama, I don't like" when presenting new food to the boys. But it is great when you hear "Mama, I like" or "dis good" instead.

14. Last night both boys decided they wanted mama to sleep by them. Tonight I discovered it is very difficult to sneak out of the bottom of a bunk bed when you are laying between two little boys who you don't want to wake up....you are in the middle, of course, because both boys wanted to sleep next to mama.

15. It is tiring to hear "Mama look my car" every 30 seconds while the boys are playing with duplo blocks. It is also very exciting to have two little boys who want to hear their mama say "wow - that's a nice car!"

16. Staying at home with two little boys during the day is way more tiring than going to my office on the average day.

17. Changing the sheets on the top of a bunk bed at 3am is not an easy task...especially when you've got a really tired 5 year old waiting to get back into bed.

18. I now totally understand why my mom didn't put up with whining.

19. Little boys don't have the best aim when using the bathroom...Z tells me I just have to get used to having a bathroom that smells like urine. I am determined to solve this little problem.

20. My heart melts when I hear the boys laugh - really laugh. It also melts when they give out hugs and kisses.

I'd do this over again in a heart beat.


Anonymous said...

Yea!! For two days, you learn quickly! Welcome to motherhood! The party never ends... everyone just rests in the middle of the night for awhile before starting over again!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I TOTALLY understand #17.
It sounds like for only being home for several days, you guys are doing very well! These words are very encouraging. With our daughter, when she came home from VN, she cried for 3 weeks straight. I wasn't sure I wanted to go through that again....ok, I would totally go through it again.
They really are little blessings, aren't they?

Megan said...

It sounds like things are going so well! Your list made me laugh, especially the part about the bathroom. Keep those lysol wipes handy! I especially understand wanting to do it over again in a heartbeat. Isn't it sweet to hear "Mama, Mama" all day long!?!

Sarah Riedel said...

Welcome to the world of a Momma! Pull ups will become your friend. Try putting cheerios in the toilet and tell them to sink them- they flush right down. Your comments made me teary. Sarah

Amy said...

It's Amy W. Thank you for that! It makes my heart sing to hear those things- even the bathroom humor! Can't wait to join the mama club.

the Isaacs said...

Oh - Avi LOVES eggs (enkalal), bread (dabo), and oranges (birtookan) too! Just about every lunch is an egg on toast with cheese and an orange on the side! Now it's a favorite for me too. :)

- Jennifer