Friday, January 18, 2008

Of Duplo Blocks and Snow Suits....

This picture is here especially for Auntie Anita to see. Good job on the hats! They love them!
Well, I am going to attempt a post with some real information in it! I’m not sure if the resident children will let their mom type on the computer for long, but I’ll try. And, if they do let me write, I may just babble on and on incessantly, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

Things here in our household are going AMAZINGLY well at this point. Yes, I totally realize that we are probably in the midst of a honeymoon period, but in all honesty, I was totally prepared for hell these first few weeks. Sure, it hasn’t all been rosy goodness, but things are so much better than I expected.

The boys are so darn cute sometimes….and I totally wonder where they learned to do some of the things they are doing. For instance, this morning as Z was leaving for work, Peanut asked “When you come, bring me new jacket”. The boys saw me wearing a winter coat that they hadn’t seen before yesterday and they thought that meant that I had bought a new coat for myself and, of course, they wanted one, too (even though the coats they have are new coats for goodness sake). Z said he would not bring Peanut a new coat. Peanut’s response? He smiled, batted his eyes, and blew kisses to his dad. I asked him if he was trying to be extra cute for his dad and he said “yes”. “Are you being extra cute because you think dad will bring you a coat if you are?” “Yes!” So, Z said he still is not bringing him a new coat. It was so unexpected and so adorable, Z and I couldn’t help but just laugh at him.

Jellybean LOVES trains. Every day he builds a train (or two or several) with his duplo blocks and then proceeds to tell me about how that train is headed to America. Both of the boys have very active imaginations and will play for hours with duplo blocks and little people toys. We have lots of other toys for the boys, but to be honest, they haven’t even opened their toy box yet. They’ve been here for almost two weeks and we still haven’t found the need to open that big green box in their room. They have two crates filled with duplo blocks and little people toys and those two crates (that we haul up and down the stairs from their room to the living room) seem to keep them pretty entertained on most days. I am sure this will change when they discover that the big green box that we put the toys on top of actually opens. Of course, we also do coloring, play-doh, games, and puzzles so that helps, too.

The boys both love to play jokes on each other and on mom and dad. Peanut pretends that his leg is broken and he limps around the house declaring that his leg is broken. We assure him that it is definitely broken and we better go to the doctor. Hysterical laughter always follows. Jellybean loves to hide things in his pocket or behind his back and have us try to find it. He always laughs and laughs when we pretend not to know where it is. They both love to be tickled and to be “flown” through the air. They shriek and laugh and then scramble over who’s turn it is to do it next.

We’ve decided that Friday nights at our house are going to be family movie nights. We have a lighter dinner, clean up the kitchen, get our jammies on, and sit down for a movie with a big bowl of popcorn. Last week this was a BIG hit and we are looking forward to doing it again tonight.

So far, there have been no battles in the car about the carseats, which is something I totally expected to have problems with. They both sit happily in their carseats with the seatbelts on and don’t complain. They love looking out the windows of the van to see other cars, houses, fields full of snow, horses, etc. (and of course they have to tell you about everything they see).

As of right now, the boys haven’t spent too much time in places like stores or restaurants. Z and I have done all of our shopping alone on our way home from work. But, we did take them on an all-too-overwhelming trip to Best Buy last weekend. Poor little guys – walls of televisions and computers were just too much to process. Of course, I kind of expected that.

We are still learning about each other and determining what foods they do and don’t like. Z and I have decided that we will have to have things several times before we really know if they do or don’t like it. We’ve had pasta twice and the first time the boys said they didn’t like it and the second time they ate it all up. They both love oatmeal (even though Jellybean says he doesn’t like it – he will gobble up a bowl of it pretty quickly), they love chicken, rice, bread, peanut butter sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, chili on rice, and chicken noodle soup. They don’t seem to like things like mashed potatoes, French fries, or cheese. So far, we haven’t tried typical American kid favorites like mac and cheese, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and the like. Although, I can pretty much predict that they won’t like mac and cheese. When the boys try something new that I feed them, they take a little bite (after eyeing it up pretty good) and then declare whether they like it or not. If they don’t like it “Mama – I don’t like”; if they do like it “Mmm…Mama – its nice”.

The boys love the snow and don’t seem to mind the cold at all. They seem to totally understand why we have to bundle up to go outside and don’t complain about having to wear snow pants, coats, hats, and mittens. They both LOVE their boots, so they are pretty excited any time they get to put them on. They have loved playing in the snow so far and only complain when they fall and get snow in their mittens. Then they cry and say “its burning me!!!” So, I have to take their mittens off and get the snow out and they are off to play again.


Kristin Jag said...

The boys in their hats are too cute for words!

DeTamble said...

awww, I know just how they feel about the snow. I was there age too when I moved to America and I used to say the snow was burning too! I'm so glad you're all enjoying yourselves so much.