Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Perhaps he was dreaming of dinner...

The boys have a song that they sing as their prayer before meals...I think it will become our standard family prayer before dinner. Its pretty cute, and I wish that I had heard all of the kids at Eban House sing it.

Last night, Peanut was singing it in his sleep. Too cute!

Come Lord Jesus
we invite you
come to our table
and bless our food
in your name
we pray


Kristin Jag said...

That is so sweet! I think you need to get a video of it for us! Also, I loved seeing the observations of your boys- I was surprised and hopeful (lol) they they liked peanut butter. That is unfortunately a staple in our house, so I hope our future little one will like it as well!

Our Ethiopian Journey... said...

That is too cute! I really enjoy your blog and following your journey to your little boys!

Renee said...


Jim videoed it. I put it on our Blog. It is SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

I am so happy you and your boys are doing well! I showed Eben and Joel your Blog earlier, and they were so happy to see the boys are doing well!