Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Quilting...that's what I've been doing the last couple of days. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to have a quilt finished for each of the boys when they arrived home. I wanted to give them something "mommy-made" to help them in their transition...and since its happening in the middle of winter, a nice warm quilt is perfect. I had big plans for getting them done months ago, but life took over and the quilts never got done. Well...for some reason, I just couldn't give up on the idea and I decided I would use the New Year's holiday to quilt. Two quilts from start to finish in 2 days. Yeah - they are definitely NOT perfect. They're a mess, actually - my mom would not be proud ;o) But, they are done. For some reason, I felt like I just HAD to finish them today. I finished up around 9:30 this evening.

When I get the digital camera back from my traveling hubby I will take a picture or two (as long as you all promise not to criticize the terrible stitchery). Maybe, just maybe, my prayers will be answered and I can show you pictures of the boys snuggled right up in their new quilts.

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the Isaacs said...

This was a big deal for me too. :) I HAD to make Jaso and Avi both blankets and didn't let myself start Avi's til we had our travel dates but then couldn't rest til it was done! Can't wait to see them!

- Jennifer