Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A surprising switch...

This afternoon I got an email from Z....he says he is withholding his excitement until tomorrow when he can go to the embassy and see for himself that the paperwork is approved and when he can find out how long the visa processing will take.

This is a strange turn of events for me...Anyone who knows us well knows that Chanda = cynical and pessimistic; Zack = silver-lining finding optimism.

I'm not sure what to think of this. I feel like I've landed in some sort of alternate universe!

I figured I better document this role-switching case for posterity. It definitely does NOT happen often!


Stacie said...

Ahh! I just read your last post! I'm going to go ahead and be excited now!

Cat & Mark said...

I just saw the news on the AAI board - I'm so incredibly happy for you! I can understand wanting to be a bit guarded. But we'll keep you all in our thoughts. I hope you have your beautiful little boys home with you very, very soon.

the Isaacs said...

Please keep us posted! We can't wait to hear!!!!!!

- silver lining and optimistic Jennifer