Monday, February 11, 2008

I Like...Everything!

Today was a Monday. I know, its shocking that I can even tell you what day of the week it is these days; the days just kind of run together after a while.

This morning we had another doctor appointment to get to, but this time it was for me. Of course, when I announced that we were headed to the doctor there were some looks of concern, so I had to quickly explain that the doctor was for ME, not for THEM, and that they just had to come along and sit quietly while mommy went to see the doctor. And then I promptly bribed them with donuts ("be good at the doctor and we'll go get donuts"). Not that the boys even know what a donut is, mind you. I told them it was sweet like cake and that was good enough for them.

The boys had a rough night last night...going to bed....getting up....stalling...going to bed....getting up....stalling....etc. So, we'll just say they weren't bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at their normal hour this morning. Once I got everyone up, had at least a little breakfast, and got everyone dressed it was time to go. Of course, today is also a very COLD day here in central Iowa so going meant bundling up, warming up the van, and scraping off the frost and snow. The doctor visit was quick and then we were off to the grocery store to pick out donuts and pick up my prescription (and a few groceries, too).

Believe it or not, today was the boys' first ever visit to the grocery store. I've been avoiding it for good reason. Grocery shopping is not my favorite activity...but when I go on my own I go exactly where I need to go, I get what I need to get, and I get out. When you go anywhere with two little boys, being side-tracked is inevitable. So, I do the grocery shopping on my own in the evenings (and have Z pick up necessities if we need them in-between).

Everything was exciting for the boys at the grocery store. First, there were automatic doors....then they got to ride in a cart....and then they got to pick out donuts....and ride around the store in the cart while I picked up a few things. Of course as we went through the store the boys wanted EVERYTHING. Everything except what I put in the cart. With the exception of the sausage (which the boys love) they said "Mommy I don't like this food" every time I added something to the cart. Go figure!

Its good for them to spend time in places like the grocery store, but I have to admit it is tiring to say "don't touch" and "sit down in the cart" and "nope, we can't buy that this time" over and over again. All in all they did really well and I think they were pretty overwhelmed to see a HUGE store filled with FOOD of all different kinds. They picked out a fish that they wanted to eat, and saw more fruit than they had probably ever seen all in one place. And when we finally got home it was time for that donut.

And the verdict on the donut?

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