Monday, February 25, 2008

More New Stuff

Jellybean says "Thank you grandma for making these pants!"
(my mom made the bibs...they just fit Jellybean...but I have a feeling they'll be moving on to Peanut's wardrobe soon)

The boys have found hours of entertainment in this new car racer set! Who knew wood could be so much fun?!?

It seems as though every week brings more and more new things for the boys to experience. We finally had a "warmish" day this week where the boys went outside (for a short time) without their giant parkas. Instead, they wore hoodies and were a bit surprised that they weren't cold. I have to admit that normally I love the winter. Its not my favorite season (fall is by far my favorite), but I do still love the snow and the cold weather (to a point). However, having two very energetic boys in the house has changed my perspective. Now I am longing for warm weather so we can spend much more time enjoying the outdoors and getting rid of some energy!
On Saturday, we all went to the mall for a bit since Z and I had to get a couple things and the boys handled all the craziness pretty well. After the shopping, we went to see a movie (Disney's Enchanted), which was a hit. Gotta love the dollar theater! We've gone to the movies twice since the boys have gotten home and they've loved it both times. And they are SERIOUS about their popcorn!

Yesterday we went to church and then went to visit Z's sister and her family (and Z's mom was visiting, too). We had a lovely lunch, followed by a birthday cake and party for your's truly, and the boys were having so much fun they didn't want to leave. But, if the following picture is any indication, they were definitely tuckered out.

We are all looking forward to more visits and more warm weather. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we'll be getting a break in the weather department any time soon.

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