Friday, February 8, 2008

The past week: a recap

My mom was visiting this last week. Even though she had talked to both of the boys on the phone, this was the first time she met the boys in person. The boys were super excited to meet "grandma from the phone" and I know that my mom was really excited to meet the boys, too.

Of course, grandma came bearing presents and couldn't keep herself from purchasing even more presents while she was here. She also delivered a few things that we have hidden away in our room from other family members from Christmas that we are going to bring out after a bit when the "newness" of the toys grandma brought has worn off a bit.

It was really great to have grandma visiting for a few days. It allowed me to spend some quality time working in the lab (during normal business hours) and Z and I got to go on an actual date! The boys did great with my mom...and they probably got away with far more than they would have with Z and I (no wonder they loved having her around so much)!

While my mom was here, we fit in a little shopping, some movie watching, lots of cooking, and lots of hanging out time. We also had to fit in 3 more visits to the clinic (Tb tests, reading of the Tb test, and more lab work). Luckily, the last 3 clinic visits were FAR less traumatic than the first one.

We all had fun while grandma was here and were sad to see her leave. We are looking forward to her next visit!

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