Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Presidential Visit

Regardless of what I personally think of the current U.S. president, I am thankful that he is spending some quality time in Africa this week. Any presidential visit that raises the issues of poverty and disease in Africa to the forefront of American awareness is a good thing.

Today (on my birthday), President Bush is spending some time in Ghana - the home country of my two little boys. These are photos of the president enjoying a game of tee-ball. Some of the children participating in the tee-ball games today are orphans who are living at Beacon House. I am sure that today is a day that they will not soon forget.

Photo Credits: AP Photo

You can also visit this MSNBC site to see more photos of President Bush's trip to Africa this week. Included in the slide show are photos of his visit to Arusha, Tanzania - another place on this planet that holds a very special place in my heart.


Our Ethiopian Journey... said...

Those are great pics!

The Kilgores said...

Happy birthday Chanda!