Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Caught Up

So, I haven't been so good about posting updates to the bloggy world lately. Sorry about that. We've been busy around here. And when I'm not busy dealing with boy-stuff, or boys, or the hubby, I've been just too darn wiped out to follow through with updating the blog. Nothing crazy is going on around here, really. Just life. The weather is getting warmer, we're spending more time outside, and we're all adjusting to this still new life.

I've been steadily taking pictures and thinking "I should put that on the blog" when interesting things happen around here...so I have lots to catch up on. I am hoping to post some updates during the boys' nap-time later today, so if you see additional posts today, they are my attempt at getting us all caught up.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend - I hope that all of you did as well!

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