Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jellybean and Peanut - isms (**EDITED**)

We hear lots of interesting things at our house these days. I have been meaning to write them all down, but now that I am sitting in front of the computer, I know I won't be able to think of them all. So, if this post gets edited a few times its because I've been thinking of new ones (or hearing them) and adding them to the list!

Boys: "Mommy have change his dress"
Notes: The boys have a hard time with his/her....right now, they only use 'his' or 'him'....we're working on it.

Boys: "Mommy, I should sit on my bunt?"
Me: "Yes, you should sit on your butt"
Notes: Both boys say 'bunt' instead of butt. "I should wash my bunt?" (said in the bath, while holding the wash cloth) "He beat my bunt!" (said when the other one playfully spanks or walks by and 'accidentally' bumps the other)

Boys: "Mommy, I wantee more chippees"
Translation: Mom, I want more chips. "Wantee" is heard OFTEN around here; I'm not sure why the "ee" is added to the want and the chips, though.

Boys: "I like plenty"
Notes: They say this when I am handing out food they especially like. This means they want a big portion - its often heard when I've cooked something involving rice, or when I'm handing out gummy fruit snacks.

Boys : "Hmm...I not like" (said with a crinkle of the nose)
Notes: This means they don't like what I've just served them to eat - though its almost always said BEFORE they even try it.

Boys: "I don't like carronts"
Notes: For some reason they are putting an "n" in the word carrot. I think its cute.

Boys: "Mommy, I like carronts"
Notes: They say this when I make cooked carrots...go figure....of course, any vegetable with enough butter and brown sugar will taste like candy, I suppose.

Boys: "I wantee play game" (said with hands held out in front of them, playstation style)
Notes: The boys don't watch a lot of TV or play a lot of video games...but I know they would LOVE to!

Boys: "When I wee-wee finish, I go play with my toys?"
Notes: The boys always want to know what is happening next (even though most days are pretty much alike). For some reason during wee-wee I get asked this question a lot - I guess that is a time when they aren't moving and have time to think!

Boys: "It for who?" (while pointing at something)
Notes: They boys always want to know who 'owns' everything in the house. They always seem a little surprised and very happy when I say its for Jellybean and Peanut.

Boys: "Mommy, you are cooking what?" (said as they come running into the kitchen when they hear me banging pots and pans, running water, or when they smell some food cooking)
Notes: I hear this question A LOT! Even when I answer them with what I am actually cooking, they will still come running into the kitchen to ask every few minutes. So, I've started telling them that I am cooking food. The other day Jellybean crinkled up his nose and said "Hmm...I don't like food!"

Boys: "Mommy - something is burning me!"
Notes: Said when something hurts....they will occasionally substitute "paining" or "pinching" for "burning".

Boys: "Mommy, I wantee my glasses"
Notes: The boys are obsessed with wearing sunglasses! They will wear them all day everyday if I let them. Peanut's sunglasses are so smudged up most days that I don't think he can actually see through them, but heaven forbid I should suggest he remove them!

Boys: "I should remove my dress?"
Notes: When we go up to their room at the end of the day to get ready for bed, I tell them its time to take off their clothes. They always ask if they should "remove" something (its never the same item of clothing from one day to the next). And...even though they are boys, they call their clothes their "dress". Yes, we know...we're working on that before school! I have to admit its cute, though.

Boys: "Who's mobile?"
Notes: They love cell phones - and always want to know who's phone they are looking at.

One boy to the other: "I see Spumbob on your supporter!" (said while laughing, usually)
Translation: I see Spongebob on your underwear!"

And lately, thanks to Auntie Jasmine, I have been hearing "The bunny, the bunny, I ate the bunny" over and over and over again. Usually followed by a series of "the rabbit, the rabbit, I ate the rabbit" and "the water, the water, I ate the water" and another round where they subsitute whatever it is they are currently looking at for "bunny". Great.

Boys: "I can't know"
Translation: I don't know

Boys: "ting" As in "I want to show you some ting" "There is some ting in my room" "that ting"
Translation: thing

Boys: "Are you going to tro dat in da boilah?"
Translation: Are you going to throw that in the boiler (garbage)?

Peanut: "Ah! Every Day!"
Said with great in "Ah! Every Day he get more medicine!" or "Ah! Every Day we go to sleep!" or "Ah! Every Day we eat cereal!" (even though we do not eat cereal everyday)


A. Gillispie said...

So cute!!!! The "him" thing and the "dress" thing is VERY Ghanaian. The word for "clothes" in Ghana is "dress". And most Ghanaians I've met use him/her he/she interchangably. Not sure if it's a problem in the system or what?!

Renee said...

How funny!

Eben and Joel do the "dress" thing too.

Also, they do the "Mama, you are cooking what?" I say "food" too! then they say what "food". I say the kind of food you eat..and on we go. I guess in the land of never ending new foods to try one has to be a little suspicious.

Love and Prayers!

Anonymous said...

I will gladly add to any annoying repetition of songs for your boys. That's my job:) Love, Auntie Jasmine