Friday, March 28, 2008

This week's photo diary

The boys got a new toy this week (well, they got more than one, but one of them stood out as the most interesting toy). My parents bought this carpenter's work bench (complete with wrenches, saws, screws, nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, etc.) for my nephew when he was younger, but he's since outgrown it. So, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Nathan brought it to us when we got together for Easter. I managed to get it all the way home without the boys seeing it in the back of the van, so Z and I moved it into their room after they had gone to sleep so they would find it when they woke up the next morning. Tuesday morning was a pretty exciting morning, that's for sure! They've had hours of fun already!

For some reason, the boys decided that they wanted to lay down on the stairs. We told them that they could just sleep there all night and they just laughed and laughed.

Before the boys came home, I purchased quite a bit of clothing for them, but I wasn't at all sure what sizes they would be. One of my favorite purchases was this adorable pair of fleece overalls with snowmen on them. The size is listed as 48 months and I hoped and hoped they would fit Peanut. It was one of those outfits that I could picture him wearing in my mind before he came home. They are still just a little bit long when he stands up, but they work just fine. I get all warm and fuzzy every time I put them on him (which hasn't been often enough, now that I realize they are fleece, afterall, and it is Spring now).

Both of my boys in special pants. Jellybean is wearing some fleece overalls that my mom made for my nephew a few years ago. Hand-me-downs...gotta love 'em! From the looks of the length of the legs in this picture, Peanut will be inheriting those overalls soon!

Z has been trying to teach the boys about family connections, so when we talk about people in our family we always explain to the boys how they are related to us. So now when I say "I'm calling Grandma" the boys always say "Your mother, Grandma Peggy?" Too cute!

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A. Gillispie said...

Chanda, I just can't get over the changes in Peanut. He truly LOOKS like a different kid. His face has changed! His eyes are no longer huge and sad. It is a very distinct transformation from the little boy I met a year ago!