Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ok...So I promise a real post soon. For some reason, things have been crazy around here lately.

But, I wanted to share the most frequently asked (and answered) questions in our household these days.

"This is for who?"

"Its what?"


"Who is those peoples?"

"We are doing what?"

"We are going where?"

"Mommy, you are cooking what?"

The most frequently asked question is "What is dat?"

Followed very closely by "You take it to do what?"


Rachel said...

LOL! We hear a lot of the same things from Micah. :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog--great job. Your boys are so cute! Loved the post about them hiding--good thing you do have that doggie to lead you to them! The video of the Rwandan pastor really touched my heart. Am in the process of deciding if God is calling us to adopt from Africa. Hesitate because hubby and I are 47; our bio kids are 17, 19, & 22. Big leap to start over. Also, not much
racial diversity in our part of the country. Would that be fair to do that to them? But maybe it's better than leaving them to a poverty-filled life in Africa. God bless you!