Monday, April 28, 2008

A strike and a spare...

On Sunday afternoon, we decided it was about time the boys have their first experience with bowling. We weren't sure if they would have fun or not, but they definitely had a good time. Who cares if it takes a full minute for the ball to reach the pins? Who care if the ball hits the bumpers 4 times on the way? Who cares if the ball is rolling so slowly that it never reaches the pins, but instead ends up rolling backwards? We didn't. And we had a great time anyway!

Here are the boys having a great time at the bowling alley.
This is a better picture of the new hair cuts they are sporting.

Jellybean's first ever attempt at bowling.

Peanut's second shot.

Celebrating a job well-done!

Only one pin left!! I'm gonna get it mom!

Watching and waiting for the ball to reach those pins.

WooHoo! I got some mom!!

This picture is here only for the purposes of posterity.
Z and I are NOT good bowlers (obviously). But, I did pretty well in
that last frame, if I must say so myself.
On the upside - we ALL beat Barack Obama!

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