Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Such sad news....

Go HERE to send condolences and support to the Chapmans today.

For those of you who don't know, SCC has a very personal connection to adoption. Because of his passion for adoption, countless families have been encouraged to adopt children waiting for families all over the world. Steven and his wife also started a foundation to help provide funding for families wanting to bring these children home. My heart hurts for them today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Living Vicariously

Tonight my better half went off to see the Superbowl (well...his version of the Superbowl, that is).
Those who know my husband well, know that he is a BIG fan of politics....especially if it is politics of the Democratic persuasion.
And tonight, Barack Obama had a rally in Des Moines, Iowa. So, Z left work a little early, took his on-call phone for work (since it happens to be his turn for on-call this week), and headed to Des Moines to get in line to wait for the gate to open so he could take his seat and wait for Barack to speak.

He had a pretty good seat, if you ask me!

Can you see Barack and Michelle in the picture below? Its like a "Where's Waldo" puzzle!
I'm so jealous....I stayed home with the kiddies while he went to the rally. But, I think I spied Z on CNN right near the end of Barack's speech!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finding ways to spend time outside

Now that the weather is nice and the ground isn't too muddy, we've been trying to find ways to spend more and more time outside. This means we've headed outside to eat ice-cream bars on the deck, color with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and sidewalk, go for walks, play t-ball, head to the park, play soccer, and have water fights. Over the weekend we helped Grandma plant flowers at her house, too.

The other night, Z came home with a toy model airplane which was quickly assembled so we could head outside to get it to fly. We weren't very successful, but the boys had fun. They have an obsession with airplanes, that is for sure!

Note that the street the boys are playing on is a street that doesn't have any houses on it yet, so there is VERY little traffic. We really don't spend too much time playing on the street!

Look what I did...

For the next three days after Mother's Day...

I transferred files from my old computer to my new pretty, small, super fast computer. It turns out that the Easy Transfer Cable is not so easy. Bummer. But, we did finally get all my stuff transferred over (I hope)!

I'm not a very gracious gift receiver when the gift is a big one! So...I did what any logical girl in my situation would do. I said "I love it! But, could we please look for one that is not quite so expensive and not quite so overpowered?" Z humored me...and we went back to Best Buy to do some more looking. We ended up getting a new Dell computer that I LOVE!

The new computer is on the left and the old (big, clunky, SLOW) computer is on the right. I think Z has some big plans for my old computer as soon as I give him the go-ahead. I'm nervous, though....I want to make sure I have everything I need transferred alright...because I know once Z gets his hands on it my stuff is GONE!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


So, what do you do when your husband buys you something you really WANT, but know you don't NEED....and you know he spent a lot of money on that could be spent on other more necessary things??

Take the gift and be thankful?

Say "Thank you! I love it! But, please take it back" ??

Ask that he exchange it for something similar, but perhaps a less expensive model?

So, Z couldn't wait to give me my Mother's Day gifts...I asked for a bottle of my favorite perfume...but he came home with a LAPTOP COMPUTER. Yes - I LOVE it! But...I don't NEED it...I already have one. Granted, the one I have is getting old...the CD drive no longer works...and I think the hard drive is on its way out...But I was so not expecting him to come home with a computer!! Yikes!

Now, I have to admit I have been salivating over the Mac AirBook...A computer THAT thin! Imagine the places you could take it! I also know that it isn't terribly practical for me (and a Mac AirBook is NOT what Z came home with today (thankfully)). Recently, Z has gotten really into programming and has been working on the Linux system with his computer. And, I know that he would take my old laptop, stick the Linux operating system on it and go to work playing with it. So, I know my old laptop won't be wasted...but still. Do I NEED a new one right now? After all, I just finished my thesis and now I basically use the computer to play. This requires some thinking.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pronunciation Woes

This is a conversation I had with Jellybean this morning...For a bit of background, the boys both call their shirts dresses. Personally, I think its adorable, and I wouldn't care if they called their shirts their dresses for as long as they want to. But, since the boys will be heading off to school eventually, I thought I'd work on switching them over to using the word "shirt" instead of "dress".

Jellybean: I wantee my dress!

Me: You don't have a dress. Boys don't wear dresses, girls wear dresses.

Jellybean: I wantee my.....hmmm?

Me: You want your shirt?

Jellybean: Yes! I wantee my sit!

Me: Shirt

Jellybean: Sh*t!

Me: Shirrrt

Jellybean: Sh*t

Me: ShiRRRt

Jellybean: sit!

Me: SHirrt

Jellybean: sssirrt

Me: Good enough. Here you go!

Grandma & Grandpa...can we come again?

Over the weekend, we headed to NW Iowa to visit Z's parents. We all had a great weekend at the farm and are looking forward to spending more time there in the near future. Z had the boys "help" mow the lawn on Grandma and Grandpa's fancy new mower. And Grandpa took the boys out on their first tractor and combine rides (boy, were those BIG hits!).

Future Farmers of America?? Jellybean even got to spend some time driving!

We even spent an afternoon playing T-ball and enjoying the great weather.

For some reason, the water spout was a LOT of fun!
We are definitely looking forward to coming back to visit Grandma and Grandpa again soon. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll even move into your neighborhood?!?