Monday, May 19, 2008

Finding ways to spend time outside

Now that the weather is nice and the ground isn't too muddy, we've been trying to find ways to spend more and more time outside. This means we've headed outside to eat ice-cream bars on the deck, color with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and sidewalk, go for walks, play t-ball, head to the park, play soccer, and have water fights. Over the weekend we helped Grandma plant flowers at her house, too.

The other night, Z came home with a toy model airplane which was quickly assembled so we could head outside to get it to fly. We weren't very successful, but the boys had fun. They have an obsession with airplanes, that is for sure!

Note that the street the boys are playing on is a street that doesn't have any houses on it yet, so there is VERY little traffic. We really don't spend too much time playing on the street!

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