Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa...can we come again?

Over the weekend, we headed to NW Iowa to visit Z's parents. We all had a great weekend at the farm and are looking forward to spending more time there in the near future. Z had the boys "help" mow the lawn on Grandma and Grandpa's fancy new mower. And Grandpa took the boys out on their first tractor and combine rides (boy, were those BIG hits!).

Future Farmers of America?? Jellybean even got to spend some time driving!

We even spent an afternoon playing T-ball and enjoying the great weather.

For some reason, the water spout was a LOT of fun!
We are definitely looking forward to coming back to visit Grandma and Grandpa again soon. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll even move into your neighborhood?!?

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