Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pronunciation Woes

This is a conversation I had with Jellybean this morning...For a bit of background, the boys both call their shirts dresses. Personally, I think its adorable, and I wouldn't care if they called their shirts their dresses for as long as they want to. But, since the boys will be heading off to school eventually, I thought I'd work on switching them over to using the word "shirt" instead of "dress".

Jellybean: I wantee my dress!

Me: You don't have a dress. Boys don't wear dresses, girls wear dresses.

Jellybean: I wantee my.....hmmm?

Me: You want your shirt?

Jellybean: Yes! I wantee my sit!

Me: Shirt

Jellybean: Sh*t!

Me: Shirrrt

Jellybean: Sh*t

Me: ShiRRRt

Jellybean: sit!

Me: SHirrt

Jellybean: sssirrt

Me: Good enough. Here you go!


Jim & Laurel said...

Love it! Too cute!

Laurel :)

Jim & Laurel said...
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