Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ants Climbing Trees * RECIPE

Ok...Here's the recipe I used. I melded a couple of recipes I found together and then added my own twists, so some of this is guesswork. For some reason, I never can just leave a recipe alone...I always have to add a little of this or a little of that.

The photo is from here. I did not use this recipe, though it looks pretty similar to what I did. But, what I made last night looks a lot like what is in the picture.

Add the following ingredients to 1/2 lb. ground pork:

1 Tbsp. soy sauce (I used Kikkoman)

1-2 tsp. granulated sugar

1 tsp. sesame oil

pinch corn starch

Mix together and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Brown the above mixture in wok or large saute pan. When pork is almost cooked through, add 1-2 tsp. siracha chile sauce (or more, to taste), and 1 tsp. fresh grated ginger. Stir together, then add 1/2 cup grated carrots, 1/2 - 3/4 cup chopped green peppers, and 3/4 cup chopped green onions (both green and white parts).

While you are doing all of this, you should soak 1 (8 oz.) package of bean thread (Chinese vermicelli) in hot water, until soft. Drain the bean thread when ready.

When the pork and veggies are cooked, add 1/2 cup chicken broth to the meat mixture, then add the noodles. Stir and cook for another minute or two.

This really is quick and easy. I mixed together the meat and marinade ingredients and while it was sitting for 5-10 minutes I chopped up the green onions, peppers, and grated the carrots. When the meat was in the pan cooking, I soaked the bean thread so it was all ready when I needed it. In all, it probably only took 20-25 minutes to make (and I think I could have even done it in less time).

I also saw a recipe that included shiitake mushrooms, which would have been great in it, but I didn't have any left in my pantry. The recipe called for dried shiitake mushrooms soaked in hot water until reconstituted. Then chopped up and added to the meat mixture during cooking. You could also use the mushroom soaking water in place of the chicken broth if you happen to have dried shiitakes in your pantry.

I would also be willing to bet that this recipe would be great as a fried rice recipe...just substitute cooked rice for the bean thread. I might have to try that sometime, too. My boys LOVE fried rice.


Amalama said...

Oooooo, that looks ever so good! Thanks for providing the recipe. I may have to give that one a try, especially with such a wonderfully boy-friendly name. Maybe my picky eaters will be willing to branch out! ;)

Amy Fabu

Owlhaven said...

The recipe---woohoo!!



Amy said...

Awesome THANKS! Yea- a new recipe to try! Amy