Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeling Distracted

Hi All,
I have SO much to catch you up on! As is so common with summers, we are BUSY around here! So busy that I haven't had time to download the latest batch of photos and put together a real blog entry. But, I want you all to know I haven't forgotten and I will put together a real post sometime soon. We've had family visits, another trip to the zoo, and VBS going on around here lately....but eventually things will calm down.

As it turns out, though...there are some other people in the blogosphere who need your attention a little more than I do right now. So please, in my absence, continue to think about my dear friend Anita as she is in Ghana right now helping the staff recover from the recent attack. She has a lot of things planned for this trip, so send her some good vibes of healing and productivity! Please know that the donations that have come in since the attack are helping tremendously. I will certainly give you all an update when I know more.

And if you are of the praying persuasion, please continue to keep my friend Carolyn and her daughter in your prayers. They are having a very tough time in Ethiopia. Y is very, very sick and needs to get home to the U.S. to receive immediate medical care. Carolyn is such a trooper, but I can only imagine how tired and defeated she must feel. Please pray that they get on the soonest possible flight back to the U.S. and that Y has the strength she needs for the trip. Pray also that when she does get home that she is able to recover quickly so she can begin adjusting to life in her new family. You can keep updated on their story HERE.

Thank you all for continuing to read...I will have a Jellybean and Peanut related post soon!

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