Tuesday, August 5, 2008


On Sunday we headed off to see an Iowa Cubs game in Des Moines. Z's sister very graciously offered us tickets for the SKYBOX, so even though it was a very HOT, very HUMID day in Iowa, we got to enjoy the baseball game from the comfort of an air-conditioned skybox with lots of cold drinks and snacks! The boys both had a lot of fun, though Jellybean was definitely the one most interested in actually watching the game.

This was the boys first ever baseball game...and now they probably think that everyone gets to watch the game from a skybox!

Thanks Aunt Jenny!

Peanut and Uncle Aaron
The kiddos and Cubby Bear
This is how Jellybean spent the entire game. Leaning up against the rail watching the game intently. Well...unless he was busy eating onion rings, of course.

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