Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peanut's Day Out

In preparing the boys for our new fall schedule once school started, I knew that the hardest transition in the house was going to be for little Peanut. In his mind, he and Jellybean have just ALWAYS done EVERYTHING together. It was/is really hard for him to understand why Jellybean gets to go to school and he doesn't. I knew that I was going to have to do something special for the youngest member of our family on that first day of Kindergarten.

So, Sunday night I asked Peanut if he would like to go out for breakfast in the morning after we took Jellybean to school. He is a sucker for pancakes, so I knew he'd say yes. On Monday morning, we all got up early, Jellybean ate breakfast while I packed his lunch, we all got dressed and the whole family headed to the elementary school to see Jellybean go to class and hear the bell ring announcing the beginning of the new school year. After that, Peanut and I went to get some breakfast. After he got his fill of pancakes, we stopped by Z's office to say hello and visit with the girls in the office. Then we headed to Reiman Gardens (a botanical garden) to walk around looking at flowers and butterflies.

Reiman Gardens holds a special place in my heart....Z and I were married in the conservatory right here where Peanut is standing. Only it looked a little different then...all decked out for Christmas:

But...back to Peanut's Day Out....Right now, the conservatory is decorated in a Peter Pan theme, so even though its all plants (which is heaven for me) it was still really interesting and fun for Peanut.
And, you can't go wrong when you have little boys and there is a train to watch!

Or Butterfly chairs to sit on....or sprinklers to run through....

Or huge frogs to watch in the pond.
We attempted to get a photo of the two of us together and we ended up with a ton of photos that looked like this:
And after all that walking around, we needed a little rest. I think next time we head to the gardens I am going to pack along some books so we can take a seat in the shade and get some reading in. There is a great area of the gardens where there are two rows of bald cypress trees right next to each other with benches between the trees all the way down the row. There's lots of shade...and there's something calming and relaxing about cypress trees...maybe its just me.
After our time at the gardens, we went home for a quick lunch and back to school to pick up Jellybean. Then we all headed out for some ice cream to celebrate the day.
In the words of Peanut:
"Mommy, we did a lot, a lot of things today. Today was a good day!"


Heather A. said...

Chanda, What an awesome mom you are! Peanut could have had a sad day without his brother, but you turned it into a a fab day out with mom. Very cool.

I LOVE the picture of you and Peanut together! That is such a cool shot!

Thanks for the update!

Heahter A

Leslie said...

That is so fun!

Amalama said...

What a great post! It looks like a terrific day and one that was so very special for your lil' Peanut. Such a magical garden... I wanna go!