Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tall Corn Days

The next weekend, we headed to Z's hometown to help out with Tall Corn Days! Z's parents host a 5k race during the festivities, so we headed up there to 'help' with the race. Z and his siblings ran the race, while the in-laws helped with registration and the water stop. The boys and I (along with future Aunt Tanya) were in charge of making sure the runners got water during the race. The boys had a ton of fun helping us fill water cups and handing water to the runners. Their favorite part of the whole race was handing water to their Daddy and watching him pour it over his head! They laughed and laughed and laughed about that!

After the race, we stayed in town to watch the parade. The boys loved watching all the floats and collecting all the candy. They both came home with a TON of candy! We are still eating it! This parade was one of those small-town parades that everyone participates in. I think there were almost as many people IN the parade as there were watching the parade!

The boys and Grandma waiting for the parade to start.

My favorite float...the guy in the bathtub...with a working shower!

Grandpa in the parade.
Z says there's a reason that marketing didn't take off on this particular
brand of tractor. I can't imagine why that would be.....
Grandpa reading to all the kiddos....
Two totally worn out little boys on the way home.

The storm we had to drive through on the way home....Iowa weather...what can I say?

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