Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh NO!!!

First he started Kindergarten...and now he has a loose tooth!!!

Where is the time going?!?!

Anyone know what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy these days? I have a feeling I'm going to need that information soon!


Anonymous said...

some students tell me 25 cents to 5 bucks! I wish that was my parents!!!! I was lucky if I got a nickel;)

Heather A. said...

The going rate over here in Indiana is a dollar! I can't wait to hear how the "tooth fairy" converstaion goes!

Cat and Mark said...

We've been doing a buck a tooth. I'm getting scared now that more loose teeth are headed my way in short order!

Kristin Jag said...

We gave a buck for the first one and then 50cents for the next. If my hubby had his way, it would only be 25cents or less(cause that is what he got!) My dad caused a bit of a stir when my son lost his 2nd or third tooth. Without my knowledge he went down and put a $20 Canadian bill under my sons pillow(he was just trying to get rid of it since he hates the hassle of exchanging money). Anyway, my son woke up thrilled and told his whole class. I had many parents upset I am sure! I told my dad he now would have to do that for the rest of my kids!