Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Random Things

Carolyn tagged me! Thanks, Care! And, she said I was "cool". Truth is...Carolyn is WAY cooler than I am. And she has a heart of gold.

So, now I have to come up with 7 Random Things about me. Hmm...
(I don't remember if I've done another random list like this before or if you've heard some of these things about me already, I apologize.)

1. I got a tattoo - yesterday. This is a picture of the Adinkra Symbol that I had tattooed on my back. My tattoo doesn't look exactly like this (since the tattoo artist - Izzy - did some interesting stylizing and shading). Someday, perhaps, I will post a photo of the actual tattoo (maybe on the other blog).

This symbol is one that has special importance to me. During graduate school, I made the decision that I was going to get a tattoo when I finally finished my degree. I did my research on ferns, and so it seemed fitting that I should get a tattoo of a fern. Then, Z and I decided to move forward with our adoption plans and the tattoo idea got pushed to the back-burner. I knew I still wanted one and I knew that I wanted a fern to be a part of it, but I could never decide where to put it, or exactly what it should look like. Then, during the process of adoption, Anita brought the Adinkra symbols to my attention. And, right in the mix of them is a fern. A symbol of a fern from my sons' homeland. It seems perfect, don't you think?

2. I have my nose pierced. Mine doesn't have an interesting story like Carolyn getting hers pierced in Ethiopia, but its pierced none-the-less. I had wanted to do it since my sophomore year of college, but I finally did it during my last year of graduate school. Personally, I love it!
I also like to tease my big brother about taking his daughters to get their noses pierced when they are old enough. I think I just like to see the surprised/horrified look on his face. When they are older, I'm definitely going to get them "stick-on" piercings to scare their dad.

3. The very first time I ever got on a commercial airplane to go ANYWHERE was my senior year of college...I was headed to Tanzania. I was so nervous and so excited for that trip! I spent a month camping in the African bush (for a J-Term travel course offered by my college). It was a trip that changed my life, without question. Plus...there's something so totally cool about falling asleep in a tent and hearing lions in the distance. Scary at times...but totally cool.

4. I was a total tom-boy as a kid. I grew up on a farm and every spring and summer I would wander around outside picking up all kinds of creepy-crawlies to show my mom. My poor mom...she never complained about me walking around with snakes or salamanders or frogs. She just told me to keep them outside. My parents finally just gave up a stock tank every summer for my brother and I to put whatever we wanted into it. We'd keep all sorts of things in there. We'd collect frog eggs in the spring, watch them hatch into tadpoles, feed them, watch them grow, watch them transition to frogs, and then let them go. We'd put snakes in there. We'd catch minnows in the creek and stick them in there. We'd put turtles in there. We'd observe things for a while, and then always let them go.

5. On top of having the two kids in our lives, Z and I also have 5 pets. We have 3 cats (Paka, Crickette, and Mojo) and two dogs (Grommit and Oliver). Its a busy place...and I hate that we have to vacuum up hair so much...but we love all of our pets. They really are a part of our family. Z also really wants a bird - a parrot of some kind. But, I don't think a place with 3 cats would be a good place for a bird. Maybe someday.

6. I was born with two thumbs on my right hand. When I was an infant, the extra thumb was removed, so now I just have one. But, the one I have has a pretty ugly scar from the surgery, a deformed nail, and is back-wards jointed. Occassionally, its painful. When I tell people that I was born with two thumbs and that the extra one was removed, people almost always ask "do you have the other one in a jar somewhere?" No...I do not have the other one in a jar somewhere. I don't even have a picture of my hand with the extra thumb.

7. During my time doing research for my Master's degree, I spent two months on a National Science Foundation funded exchange program in Taiwan. It was an incredible trip! I got to spend two months in the rainforests of Taiwan (mostly at Fushan Field Station). Taiwan is beautiful...and the people of Taiwan are so friendly. I was nervous about spending two months traveling alone, but I NEVER felt unsafe during my trip. And, I did take some time to travel around Taipei...go to beautiful Kenting for a long weekend...and to Tainan for a weekend to see the incredible temples. I ate some really strange food during my time in Taiwan...and I ate a lot of really great food. I tell people that I would go back to Taiwan just for the food - and its the truth. I am supposed to tag people.
Amy Fabu
Leslie (even though she was already tagged)
(sorry everyone if I've tagged you before...)

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Heather A. said...

Very fun stuff! First, I love the tattoo. I've always wanted one too, but I'm a big chicken! How cool that so many area's of your life are represented. And it really is a beautiful image.

And what is up with people wanting to know if you have the other thumb in a jar??? That just cracks me up. Nathan sometimes gets that too with his brain tumor. Did the Dr's let you keep it? Um, no! That is just so weird.