Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apparently this is all it takes...

At lunchtime today, Peanut declared that today was "the best day ever!"

Did we do anything "interesting" today? Nope...we just put the Halloween-themed table cloth on the table and put a decoration on the front door.
I'm starting to wonder if I should be happy that he's so excited about decorating the house...or if I should feel bad that most of our days are so boring?!?! We do MUCH more exciting things around here, I promise!
I guess Peanut is excited about Halloween?
After all, he's got a super hero costume to wear!
Mostly, though, I think he's just really excited for his big brother to get home from school and see what we did. Look! The House! It looks different from when you left! I did it!
I've never been the kind of person who decorates for every season (or holiday). I usually put a couple things out for Christmas, but last year I didn't even do that (not a tree, not a stocking - nothing!). But now that there are kids in the house? Yeah...I wanna decorate at least a little. I've been praying that we have a house by Christmas so I have a good space for a Christmas tree this year. I'm beginning to run out of hope that it will happen this year. And I'm bummed about it. But, we'll figure it out.


zbert said...

For Grinches like us, that's crazy awesome!

JenM said...

You can totally do a Christmas tree, wherever you are!!! We had to stand our couch on end a couple years ago in our apartment, but we put up a tree!!! :)

Heather A. said...

I love your tablecloth! I'd be excited about putting that out too.