Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh dear blog readers...I do apologize for my lack of posts recently. I promise to try to do better in the near future. We've had lots of things going on around here. There are lots of things I want to tell you all - like visits from friends from out of town - looking at houses and *maybe* finding our future home, *maybe* - and preparations for the holidays.

There are also other things going on that I'm not sure I want to talk about just yet.

And there are plenty of things ahead of us that I'm sure will provide lots of blog fodder in the future - like the upcoming holidays and visiting family. And, if we did find that house and we end up moving, I'm sure that will provide endless hours of blog compositions as I procrastinate packing that last box or vacuuming the ginormous dust bunnies that have accumulated under the beds in our current place. Oh, and I'm sure that finding the secret stash of matchbox cars under the couch will be pretty exciting for the two little boys in our house, too.

Basically, all this is to say that lately I just haven't been feeling very creative. I have lots to say (as always), but I just don't feel like its all that important at the moment. And to be honest, my free time lately has been spent with my nose in a book. Because sometimes getting lost in a good story is a great way to use your free time.

I'll be back.
With pictures.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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