Monday, February 16, 2009

Enough with the pinching already!

This weekend, half of us had colds. Yucky ones. The kind of cold where your nose starts running just because you stood up. The kind where an ever-increasing set of disgusting side effects are triggered by a sneeze. Not so pleasant around our house this weekend. I keep thinking that my cold is on its way out...but then it just keeps on lingering. I'm sick of it (pardon the pun)!

My husband, the penny pincher of the family (which is something that I usually love about him), has decided that the waste of Kleenexes around our house has gotten out of control. Peanut is a little obsessive about cleanliness...he'll simply wipe his nose and throw away a tissue to get a new one to blow into. Its wasteful. And Z has decided he's had enough of it.

So, over the course of the weekend, Peanut has gotten some reminders to hang on to his Kleenex. To save it and use it again. He'd put it in his pocket and use it the next time. Then run to the bathroom, throw it away and put a new one in his pocket for later.

This morning I woke up, headed to the bathroom, and reached for a Kleenex. But, I didn't get a nice clean tissue on the first try. Instead, I got a half snotty, crusty tissue. Apparently, Peanut took Z's advice to heart. But since his pajamas don't have pockets...he thought the Kleenex box was the best place to put his half-used tissue. Eww.

I'm of the opinion that if there's snot on the Kleenex, you can throw it away.

Maybe I need to get everyone some handkerchiefs to use. At least those wouldn't disintegrate in the washing machine and make a huge mess when I do laundry.


Amy said...

I am so sorry, but I just gotta say "Eeeeeewwwwww!" on the gooey tissue in the box!!! I am SO sorry you had that experience, but I am impressed by your young son's problem solving skills!

I hope every one gets better soon!


Heather A. said...

Oh. Yuck! So gross, yet so darn funny! What a way to start the day!

I'm voting for the handkerchiefs btw. It is a great way to stretch those dollars!