Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here's what the boys did today...while I was at home nursing my cold. For some strange reason, the boys have (knock on wood) remained healthy, while the grown-ups in our house have managed to catch the plague. Z is on his way to feeling a little more like normal, while I am somewhere in the middle of the yuckiness. Hopefully this passes quickly - I simply don't have time to be sick.

The boys tell me they had a great time ice fishing. We had a wonderfully warm and sunny day here today, so Z decided to take advantage of the weather while he could and get the boys outside to fish! Just 13 months ago they were living in Accra, Ghana. I'm sure they never dreamed that a frozen lake even existed...let alone that they could sit on it and go fishing!

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zbert said...

In Ghana, I tried to explain ice fishing and no one quite got the concept. Neither did my traveling companion from Florida! I was happy to see this picture on here as nothing explains the fun of sitting on a lake as actually seeing it. And it was unseasonably warm, I doubt the boys would of liked it much if it were the usual ice fishing of sub-zero temperatures, wind and no fish!