Sunday, February 22, 2009

The time in which I cancelled all future birthdays....

This past weekend was my birthday. And it stunk.

Quite literally, I'm afraid.

I'll give you just a taste of what our weekend has been like. On Friday, we all came home after a long week and collapsed. Z and I felt pretty terrible, since we've both been struggling with a cold for what seems like weeks. I was running a fever, so even though it was my birthday, I was down for the count at about 9pm.

On Saturday, we decided we'd try to do something fun (even though I still felt pretty rough). Why not drive an hour to go to The Cheesecake Factory to have a really yummy meal, do some window shopping in the mall, and generally have a good day. The trip to the mall started off ok...we went to the bookstore, Z used his gift certificate, and I went to The Body Shop to get some soap.

Then it was off to The Cheesecake Factory. Z and I love it there. And we rarely get to we save it for special occasions.

We had a lovely lunch...the boys shared an appetizer and Z and I shared my favorite pasta. We ate bread, drank our Cokes, and had a wonderful time hanging out in the great table they put us at (one of those half-circle booths - we had a ton of space).

Then, we were going to make a quick trip to the bathroom before heading back out to the mall to do some bummin'.

I have to admit that I heard Jellybean say that he had to do #2, so I quickly told Z that I would take Peanut to the bathroom with me and he could take Jellybean. When I got into the bathroom with Peanut, though, I realized that I had made a bad choice. We crammed ourselves into one of the small stalls of the busy women's bathroom, I got his coat off, and let him do his business. But I noticed there was an, umm, odor. I looked down and realized that someone had, let's just say, had an accident (WHILE WE WERE EATING AT THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!).

So, I asked him..."Peanut, did you have an accident? Did you go poop in your pants?"

"No", he says as he shakes his head adamantly.

"Are you sure?"

"No...I didn't"

"Hmm...then someone else must have had an accident in your pants."

So...this is the conversation that quickly ended our trip to the mall. By the end of our trip to the bathroom, I had to clean up, um, #2 from a certain little boy, his pants, his jacket, my hands, his hands, and the toilet paper dispenser. Oh so GROSS!! Let's just say that I am glad I carry antibacterial hand-wipes in my purse.

I'll also say that the weekend hasn't really gotten much better. Zack spent an hour and a half in the bathroom/hallway with Jellybean this evening cleaning up a toilet over-flow because a certain little boy has taken to putting LOTS of toilet paper in the toilet these days. Now he knows why we tell him NOT to do that.

I've decided that 31 is not for me. I'm turning this bus around and heading right back to 30. Thankyouverymuch.


Jen said...

I get puked on. Being a mother is glamorous. Very glamourous....
Happy Belated Birthday and I will head right back to 30 with you although I have further to go...


Amy said...

Oh girl, sorry your birthday was so (forgive me) poopy. That really does stink! Hopefully next year will not include any sort of bodily fluids and/or byproducts. Hope your week improves!

Fabu (who turns 34 this week, wonder what I'll get... poop and puke are apparently taken, so I'm left with pee, spit and/or blood as options- goody!)