Saturday, April 18, 2009

Classic Cartoons

Today is a dreary, rainy kind of day in our neck of the the boys are hanging out in the house. They've decided they want to have a "Jammie Day" so after we ran our errands this morning (including our first garage sale of the season), they changed back into their pajamas.

Yesterday I stopped by our local Borders bookstore and noticed that they had most of their CDs and DVDs marked down 50%!! I managed to find two VeggieTales DVDs and the DVD release of the first 3 seasons of The Gummi Bears. Anyone else remember this cartoon?

The boys have been hanging out in their pajamas watching Gummi Bears today...and they are loving it. We don't watch a ton of TV around here, but having the boys singing the Gummi Bears theme song and enjoying a cartoon that I enjoyed when I was a kid is pretty fun. Why don't they make cartoons like this anymore??

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A. Gillispie said...

Oh my goodness, we were TOTALLY just having this conversation less than an hour ago! I bought the kids a "120 Classic Cartoons" DVD that they are really into. They were telling me that for gift ideas, they'd love to have more of those old cartoons. All of us in this family agree that the oldies are the goodies! The old Tom and Jerry and Roadrunner cartoons are full of violence, but they ARE funny.

I loved the Smurfs when I was growing up. La, la, la-la, la, la....