Sunday, April 19, 2009


When our boys first came home, they were close. They did EVERYTHING together. Playing, sleeping, eating, etc. They both HAD to do the same things - all the time. When Jellybean started going to school, things obviously had to change. They could no longer do everything together and they each had to learn how to break out of their shells and make new friends. Which they've done - really well.

But these days I'm noticing something else. Until recently, when they played, they played really well together. They took turns implementing each other's imaginative play ideas. They cooperated. They shared. They laughed and had fun. And if they disagreed, it ended quickly.

But lately? For the past few weeks we've had all kinds of crazy arguments, disagreements, and complaint sessions. They don't cooperate so much anymore. They don't share and play the way they used to. They still play, but now there's a whole lot of arguing going on along with it.

I'm not liking this change very much. This morning I had to institute the "Jellybean sits on this side of the room and Peanut sits on the other side of the room" rule because I was so tired of listening to the constant bickering going on.

They argue over EVERYTHING these days.

Once in a while its pretty funny to walk in the room and realize they are having an argument over whether or not the girl they saw on TV was a princess or not. But mostly its just tiring to constantly play referee.

I'm hoping its a short phase. But I also grew up with brothers...and know that I should probably be a little more realistic.

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Amy said...

Hi Chanda,

Man, do I feel your pain- we've been in a fighting with siblings and "saying we did our jobs when we really didn't" phase in our house over the last couple weeks and it is NOT fun. The bickering is just the pits, but I do think that some time periods are worse than others. If they played well before then I think you've got a pretty good chance of heading back in that direction. :)

I ALWAYS remember the mantra "this too shall pass" when it is an icky phase we are going through and while eradicating fighting probably won't happen, hopefully it will at least mellow... Not sure that you'd necessarily want my advice, but there it is anyway! ;)