Friday, May 8, 2009

Peanut Funny

I know that I post more Peanut funnies than I do Jellybean funnies, but this kid is seriously funny sometimes. This is a snippet of our conversation last night in the car-ride home:

Peanut: "Mommy? When we get home you have to clean my shoes for me."

Me: "I have to clean your shoes? You go them dirty so I think you should clean your shoes."

Peanut: "No. YOU have to clean my shoes."

Me: "Why?"

Peanut: "Because it was YOUR idea that I wear these shoes!!"

Oh goodness! Yesterday morning I put his crocs out for him to wear because I knew he would be playing outside at daycare and that he'd likely be in the sandbox getting sand all over everything. Crocs are MUCH easier to clean than tennis shoes, so I made the executive decision that he wear crocs. But, apparently since it was MY idea for him to wear them, then it also must be MY responsibility to clean them when he gets dirty.

This kid is too funny sometimes.

And no...I didn't clean them for him. And they weren't actually that dirty.

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