Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Real Dining Room Table!

My parents were here this past weekend and they delivered our new-to-us dining room table and chairs!! I am so excited about it! We FINALLY have a REAL table! We've been eating on this tiny table for so long. The 4 of us could fit around it, but we certainly couldn't add any more people...and we definitely couldn't serve food on the table and eat at the table at the same time. Now we have a table where we can serve food and all eat comfortably. Not to mention it has 4 leaves in it...so we could actually fit 12 people around our table!! Though, we'd have to scrounge for chairs! This table is a family heirloom...and it means a lot to me that we have it. It required some repair before we got it and my parents totally blessed us by having the repair done as a gift. We love it!!

Try to ignore the mail and schoolwork on the table. Just pretend its a nice clean table top. Note the red rose...I received another one today...perhaps that "single rose every Monday" trend is continuing while Z is gone. He's such a romantic. I miss him.

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