Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lonely No More

Today is the day! As I type, Z is on his way back home from his weeks away with military obligations. Its been a long few weeks...but in the end, the separation will have been less than we expected. And, I am so incredibly thankful that he will not be gone for an entire deployment (though, I know its still within the realm of possibility). For now, I will enjoy having my husband back home and worry about the future stuff later.

Please keep the men and women of the 445th Transportation Company in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to train and eventually head to Iraq for a year. They are a second family for Z and I know that he will miss them (and worry about them) tremendously. He's happy to be able to stay home with us...but I know he feels torn.

This is a photo of a few of the 445th soldiers as they prepared to head out of their hometown to begin training.


Heather A. said...

Oh Chanda, I'm so excited that Zack is coming home so soon (as I'm sure you are!) And in time for father's day too!

Hopefully now you can enjoy the rest of the summer and make some family memories (and some decisions;0)

Enjoy your hubby

Amy said...

So glad to hear you hubby is coming home! That must be such a relief!