Friday, July 17, 2009


When I'm going through a funk, I've found that the best thing for me to do is to find some sort of "project" to work on. Yesterday I found a project.

We've been looking for a dresser for child #3's room...but wanted to keep it CHEAP. I've been looking at garage sales and Craig's list for a little while. We've seen a few that would work, but always passed them by thinking something else would come along that would work better.

Yesterday I went to a garage sale and found a little dresser that I think will work just fine. And, because it isn't made out of real wood, I felt completely ok about my plans to paint it.

So yesterday I painted.

I still have to play around with the order of the drawers so they fit better in their spots and don't look crooked...but I'll worry about that when I get it in the house and up into the right room.


JenMiller said...

purple!!! LOVE IT!!! nice work!

Amy said...

Super cute! Quite an improvement... wondering who might be filling that girl-shaped hole in your heart! :) Every step is a step and passionate purple dresser counts!


Heather A. said...

Very cute! I love that color!

Something Like Normal said...

I love it. I did the same thing for my little girl. I went with white and colored knobs, but the piece was originally DARK brown. It needed a lot to sanding. Yours looks great.

A. Gillispie said...

So cute!!! You are talented!!! I wish I had your quilting and sewing ability too. I'm stuck crocheting. You should make and sell some of your stuff!

Terynn said...


Need any more de-funking projects? ::grin::