Sunday, August 16, 2009

And The Winner Is....

My friend Carolyn has updated her blog to let us all know who one the quilt raffle! I am so humbled that a little something that I whipped up with my mom has raised such a huge amount of money!! So exciting!! A huge thank you to all of you who went to Carolyn's blog and donated some money toward this great cause. The raffle for this quilt is over...but there is still time to donate money. Hop on over to Carolyn's blog to read more!

Below copied from Carolyn's blog:
REBECCA MAAS has won the quilt!!! We have raised about $3250. toward the fence due to this raffle! AMAZING!!! Thanks so much Chanda and Peggy for this BEAUTIFUL piece of art!!!

We are going to do this quite often....Raffles are way fun...

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT and encouragement to get through the first phase....

AWESOME...just AWESOME!!! I believe the tattoo day (MONDAY) is gonna bring in the rest.....I will so be taking pictures of this ordeal!!

Please keep the prayers coming!

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